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:star: This is my Gallery ^^ :star:
I am not that much of an Artist yet, but with some helpful hints and loads of practice I will manage to become good!

Help me achieve so!

I am an Eternal optimist stamp by Paddy-fan at life, but a total fall through when it comes to my Art. :XD:
Because as we all know, being sceptical about your Art makes you want to get better :nod:

Random Favourites

These are pictures I highly enjoyed looking at ^^
I am so happy that so many talented Artists are here. Makes me want to leap from joy!


I enjoy thinking about art pieces in general. It makes me realize and see things more clearly. The longer I think, the better for me.

Positive Critique Please by alians07 I appreciate helpful critique by Chukkz Advanced Crit Stamp by mynti Critique by EpicStamps Please Write a Critique by lazywolf Please comment :Stamp: by KooboriSapphire

Critique is something not everybody can take easily. It can put you down when it strikes your inner core, making you feel quite awful; but I am sure people are just trying to help!
So don't let your head hang :)

Activity has to try and get out of it!
That is exactly what my dear friend is trying to do right now! 
I am sure a lot of you have hit rock soild walls and tough financial times at one point and if you haven't, I sure as anything hope that you never do!
Sadly my friend :iconcuriouscucumber: has, so she would need a helping hand in her battle -aka- surviving as a poor student.
She needs the funds to help her buy supplies for her Uni courses and of course the most important thing: Food.
I alone am not enough to help her out, so it would be neat if you could check out her Auction Journal!
thank you for everyone who took part :3 you will be contacted shortly.
The raffle will also take place soon.
Surprise! :dummy: I've finally managed to get this journal down!
So ... I'm facing rather tough financial situation at the moment as I've almost ran out of all my savings
- and naturally that's exactly when my PC decides to start dying on me and uni shooting me with projects that require some urgent purchases of art supplies  
so shortly, I need to raise some funds to fix my computer and to not to starve.
So I'm going to sell the entire set of my Transformers watercolor paintings, the originals of course,
and some other little doodles as well. 
With one little exception!
I'm sorry Bumblebee fans - I promised myself that I could keep one and I'm keeping him. 
I'm holding an auction with these start up prices ... 
Staring price USD 25 $ :

You will not be disappointed in her amazing style and ability to draw.
It doesn't matter if you simply bid in the auction or ask her for a small Commission, anything helps really!

Thanks for your time ladies and gentleman!!
  • Mood: Worried
  • Listening to: Anything and Everything
  • Reading: Every word around me
  • Watching: Things
  • Playing: Pokemon Omega Ruby
  • Eating: All day long.
  • Drinking: Tea, lots of it!

2015 is coming!

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 30, 2014, 10:06 AM
And I am so looking forward to it! :)
But on the flip side...I am just not sure what I want to do with 2015.
I have planned out most of my vacation....but there is more to 2015 then 5 weeks of vacation!
There are also so many options one could take and strive for, it is hard to decide what I want to do with my time.
Of course Skype is still my priority when it comes to evenings, but I want to spend some afternoons doing something a bit, that isn't the .....becoming better at something? Not really sure.

I haven't been drawing for at least 6 months which is a long time for someone like me. I do not know if I should try drawing again, since I neither have the passion nor the feel for it anymore. Then again when did I ever? I usually drew when it made me happy :XD:
Sewing is something I could pick up again, but I would need time, space and peace to do that (which I do not have in this household).
So perhaps taking pictures and creating my daily diary might be a beginning of some sort. Perhaps I will find little Projects on the way to entertain myself with :nod:

I might possibly start on planning my next years Advent calendar for my friends and I need to learn at least a bit of Japanese for 2016.
I want to be able to communicate and read a little when I fly there, but getting a course in the afternoon is just not possible.
Mornings, yes. Evenings, yes. Afternoons, no. It is so frustrating. I also think that a bit of a cultural boost might do me some good, I really do not want to seem rude. I want to know what is frowned upon there and what is a tabu.
Well, at least I know my destination for sure -  Odaiba.

Besides that playing on my Pokemon X and Alpha Sapphire has taken up most of my time :XD:
I just love those kind of games.
Also fevering with my One Piece colleges about what will happen in the future Manga chapters. The past two years have been nothing, but excitement! But please Oda, finish the Manga before I turn 80.

Well, I can only wish you guys the best for the upcoming year.
Hopefully it will be amazing for you all!

And now to a few tags I never got around to doing :XD:
Feel free to skip!

1. What's your favourite Pokemon?
2. Who's your favourite Gym Leader?
Wattson - Gym Leader of Mauville
3. What's your favourite animal?
Giraffes! I just wish I could ride one, but I know that isn't possible T.T
4. What's your favourite song?
Ghost by Mystery Skulls (at least at the Moment)
5. Noodles or rice?
Rice all the way for me!
6. Have you ever eaten a white sausage?
Yes...I do not like them and they do not like me either.
7. Is there something you are totally terrified of?
Being on my very own and losing  people close to me.
8. What are your plans for the future? (occupation)
I am a Baker =) that was what I wanted to do.
9. Have you ever done something you truly regretted afterwards?
A lot of things, tons of things, but life goes on.
10. Do you think mankind is going into the right direction?
Nope, in the end we are going to not only destroy ourselves, but also this planet.

Questions by - :iconthewhitescatterbug:

1. Who are you?
I am me.

2. What was your first anime/manga.
Sailor Moon and I guess a bit of Pokemon.

3. Did you love it and do you still love it to this day?
Love the Pokemon games and I still laugh at Sailor Moon so I guess yes :XD:

4. How much do you hate me right now?
Wait what?  Is there a reason for that? I cannot hate a person for no reason at all...I do not think hate is actually possible in that aspect.

5. How many OC's do you have?
At the moment a few. I also have a fewFC's.

6. What is important to you in a 'good' OC. (I am assuming you mean FC and OC)
In my opinion? Well, I guess as long as the character isn't overpowered as hell and changing a Canon's personality they are fine.
As long as the person has fun, it is alright ^^
Plus, if an OC doesn't suit me I usually ignore it anyway, no need to go bananas over something that doesn't really impact on anything.

7. Who is/are your favorite hubbies out of manga/anime/video games?
If you mean, as in favourite characters - at the moment Portgas D Ace and Trafalgar Law are quite high on my list.
Ace - since I saw him and got to know his personality and took a while, but he became my Number 2 after a long while.

8. Describe your reaction thinking about them.
Do Not Die.....darn it Ace!
Do not die too...Law you better not!

9. Do you RP.

10. Please list some of your favorite anime/manga in no specific order.
One the moment that is all.

Questions by :iconirissennii:

1. Do you know your MBTI result? If yes, tell me which one:
2. Do you have a pet?
My old, old, old cat.
3. Do you believe in fortune telling? Would you try if you might hear your future?
Nope, every path is too different to pinpoint a location.
4. How would you decribe your perfect mate?
I have no clue, every person has their quirks and negative aspects. In reality the perfect mate could be someone totally unexpected!
5. If you had to choose any fictional race to be instead of human, what would you choose?
Phoenix, I would heal planets like no one else would.

Questions by :iconlittlekami:

  • Mood: Lazy
  • Listening to: Anything and Everything
  • Reading: Every word around me
  • Watching: Things
  • Playing: Pokemon Omega Ruby
  • Eating: All day long.
  • Drinking: Tea, lots of it!

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